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     At Valley Drug and Compounding, we combine time honored

     pharmaceutical techniques with the latest knowledge for

     all of your specialized medication needs.

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     We meet your veterinary medication problems... head on!

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     Our pharmacists and staff strive to meet the medication

     needs of your family by providing the highest quality of care.

Custom Compounding from Valley Drug and Compounding

Everyone has unique medical needs. Although manufactured medicines can usually be prescribed to solve most medical needs, there are often times when a patient's special needs require customized medications.

At Valley Drug and Compounding, we provide custom compounding services to address many special requirements. Among the most common problems that can be solved through compounding are:

  • • Inability to swallow pills, or difficulty many children or pets have with tolerating the taste of certain medications.
  • • Unavailable strengths or forms of medication to meet unique medical situations or the special needs of specific patients.
  • • Alternative medicines or treatments which are commercially unavailable.
  • • We can compound customized medications to help practitioners solve patient non-compliance problems, to meet your unique medication needs.

If you or a family member or pet ever have ANY problem with a medication, please contact Valley Drug and Compounding. We can work with you or your doctor to best address your UNIQUE needs.

Our Professional Affiliations

PCCA California Pharmacists Association
Member, The Pharmacists’ Professional Society
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